2/7 Aromatherapy

You Deserve
Beautiful Skin

Discover all the benefits of Nothern Nigerian Aromatherapy for your body and skin.

Explore old traditions that makes the the nubian Northern Nigerian woman the envy of all. Hidden skincare recipes and body treatment that has been passed down in hushed whispers behind closed doors that will keep your skin supple, awaken your sexuality and increase your libido


Money spent on self-care
is money well spent

Organic Facials

Enjoy a rejuvenating Sudanese organic facials; includes, glow-up exfoliation, face-lift massage, anti-aging mask and more

Steam + Exfoliation

Enjoy a steam bath or sauna session followed by a full-body exfoliation to remove dead skin tissue from the surface of the skin and reveal new radiant skin

Steam + Body Polish

Enjoy a 3-hours long session of steam, exfoliation and Sudanese body polish with the most renowned herbs in Northern Nigeria

Body / Facial Wax

Get rid of unwanted hair from any part of your body (face, underarm, bikini line, legs) with Halawa

Every woman
needs a
Yoni Refresh

A fresh and healthy vagina needs constant care. At Mahogany, we offer a full vagina care package to treat common vagina problems, menstrual cramps, PMS, odour correction, hyper pigmentation, irregular cycles, post menstrual and postnatal discomfort and painless hair removal. All treatments are adapted from ancient traditions of African women


Give your vagina
the LOVE it deserves

Yoni Steaming

A 30-mins session of deep-cleanse, vagina refresh that will leave you feeling whole again

Yoni Wax

The safest, neatest hair removal with Halawa that will leave your vagina smooth and sexy

Yoni Facial

A complete vagina facelift. Includes hair removal, a uterine cleanse and a skin refresh

Yoni Color Correction

Corrects hyperpigmentation of the intimate areas; Includes a light scrub and follow-up treatment of up to 2weeks


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